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Facelatvia - Essential Riga - Private walking tour in Old Twon


Essential Riga

* A must for first-time visitors

* Take a peek into 800 years of history 

* Find the world's first Christmas tree and ... meet the ghost of Riga

Description of the Tour:

During Riga’s 800-year long turbulent history everyone from German knights, Swedish kings, Russian tzars, and Soviet commissars have left a trace in the face of the city. Today, Riga a lively and charming city, a fascinating mix of the old and the new. There are architectural masterpieces from different centuries – from middle ages to Art Nouveau, rich cultural life and gourmet restaurant scene, old traditions and superstitions living side by side with an effervescent urban lifestyle.

This is a walking tour around the Old Town showing the highlights of the city. No entrances included. The tour is available all year round and suitable for everyone – however, the streets are covered mainly in cobblestones, so comfortable shoes are advisable.


Add Central Market or Art Nouveau tour, canal tour in an Art Nouveau style wooden boat or a bus tour allowing to see more of Riga – the boulevards, colourful Pārdaugava and “Maskačka” (total 3-4 hours).

Duration of the tour 2h
Private guide


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