* Experience bathing like never before
* Enjoy Riga skyline right from the river
* Excellent both for romantic couples or group of friends


Duration:  3 hours


Price per Tour (max 6 persons):    240 EUR



    Meet and greet on the pier
    3h on a floating bath and hot tub (+40 C)
    Non-alcoholic beverages and snack basket
    Natural bath brooms from Latvian forests


Individual traditional ritual in the bath by certified bather  

 Description of the Tour:


Traditional bath has always had a special place in the Latvian culture and lifestyle. Here we’ve taken a whole different edge on this age-old tradition. Indulge yourself in the world of hot steam bath heated up by firewood from Latvian forests and enjoy the spectacular view of Old Riga iconic skyline from the tranquil Bay of Āgenskalns. Not for the faint-hearted – try dipping into the ice-hole straight from the heat of steam bath.

Suitable for a romantic couple or a company of friends who are looking for an unconventional experience.

The floating bath is docked at the bay in front of Old Riga and can be enjoyed together with a hot outdoor tub.
Avalable all year round!

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