* A must for first-time visitors

* Take a peek into 800 years of history 

* Find the world's first Christmas tree and ... meet the ghost of Riga



Duration: 2 hours


Price per tour:

1-4 persons - 95 EUR

5-10 persons - 120 EUR

11 persons and above - 150 EUR



Services of the private guide



The tour can be combined with Central Market tour or Art Nouveau district tour, as well as canal tour in an Art Nouveau style wooden boat. It can also be combined with bus tour allowing to see more of Riga – the boulevards, as well as the colorful districts of Pārdaugava and “Maskačka” (total 3-4 hours).


Description of the tour:

During Riga’s 800-year long turbulent history everyone from German knights, Swedish kings, and Soviet commissars have left a trace in the face of the city. Today, Riga a lively and charming city, a fascinating mix of the old and the new. There are architectural masterpieces from different centuries – from middle ages to Art Nouveau, rich cultural life and gourmet restaurant scene, old traditions and superstitions living side by side with an effervescent urban lifestyle.

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