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Facelatvia - Family adventure - animal hunt in old riga

Old Riga

Self-Guided Animal Hunt in Old Riga

* Urban orienteering game for families or groups of friends
* Find an animal. Complete a task. Read a story.
* Download the app and play offline - available in English, Latvian, and Russian


Find the animals living in the Old Riga and get to know the most picturesque spots there. Follow the instructions. Complete the tasks. Learn the legends of the city.

How to play? The game takes place in Old Riga. In each challenge description, you will see a picture that helps you identify the animal or bird you are looking for. You will receive instructions on how to find it and a story or legend of Riga. Answer the question and receive the next challenge. Compete with your family and friends or just enjoy the charms of the old town at your own pace.

You can register for the game using Facebook or Google account. The price is 6 EUR per group and payment by credit card.  To play, download the Lokimo app and find Animal Hunt or follow this link Animal Hunt in Riga


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Duration of the tour 2h
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