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Facelatvia - Private Soviet Walking Tour in Riga


Soviet Walking Tour

* Visit of KGB Headquarters
* Taste a Soviet-style meal and weep
* Find out how the system collapsed here

Description of the tour:

A historical insight into how Latvia became part of the Soviet Union supported by documentaries and photos. 50 years under the Soviet regime have left trails, both visible and intangible.

While walking through the city you’ll see the iconic sites of that period and hear stories about life during that time. What happened to the beautiful residential buildings and what was daily life like? What happened to churches in the country that proclaimed atheism? How did we use subtext in art and literature to circumvent soviet censorship? What was a singing revolution and how did a chain of over 2 million people that stretched throughout the Baltic countries lead to the break from the USSR? What legal, human, social and economic challenges did Latvia face after regaining independence? You’ll experience typical Soviet-style food and we’ll challenge you to some board games popular at that time.

The tour can be extended by 1h including a walk through the central market to Stalin’s cake for a breath-taking view of the city. Contact us for quotation and availability:

Duration of the tour 4h
Private guide
Entrance tickets


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