Riga, Vidzeme

Ultimate Soviet Bunker Tour

* Sneak-peak into one of the top-secret objects of the Cold War
* Morbid experience of KGB torture chambers
* A must for history lovers, conspiracy theory aficionados, and spy story fans

Description of the tour:

The paranoid atmosphere of WWII and the subsequent Soviet regime resulted in a flourishing underground culture. In this tour, you’ll get three different experiences. The tour starts with a visit to authentic torture and execution chambers in the basement of the local KGB HQ. Then moves on to the national resistance hideouts in the forests (1h drive) – these bunkers were all over Latvia and existed up to 10 years after the end of WWII fighting the Soviet regime.

Our last stop will be a (formerly) secret Soviet bunker built for the unlikely event of nuclear war, disguised as a rehabilitation centre - an underground labyrinth for the Soviet elite with living facilities, autonomous power station, unique maps, libraries, and other Soviet memorabilia, as well as the direct telephone line to Kremlin.

No possibility for vegetarian meals (yes, Soviet-era was harsh).

Tour is only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Duration of the tour 6h
Private guide
Entrance tickets


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